Like Bacon?

Ok, I hope by now you’ve all seen the Bacon Flowchart.  If not, go google it.

I’ll wait.

Ok, now that you’re back, or still here, as the case might be, I have to warn you: there are people who take bacon to the extreme:

(For the link averse, it goes to a page in the Archie McPhee online catalog.  Archie McPhee is a well known retailer of bizarre and useless items.  Think of what happens when you smash a Spencer Gifts and a Dollar Store together.)

Bacon Floss.  Bacon Jellybeans.  Bacon Gumballs.  Bacon Wrapping Paper.  Gummy Bacon.  Bacon Bandaids.  Bacon Wallet.  And although it isn’t on the linked page, if you search their site for hte word ‘Bacon’, they even have a Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo.  Ok, that last one is actually an April Fool’s joke by them.

Which means all the others are real.

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