They said I was mad…

It’s alive!

It’s been a long time since I’ve built a computer, and an even longer time since I’ve had a new primary computer…. but here I am, posting from the new machine. Still need a name for it. Suggestions welcome.

Oh, and are you looking for a new case? Somewhere between spec’ing out the machine and ordering the parts, I ended up getting an mATX case and an ATX motherboard. I love the case, and it’s slightly larger sibling arrived today to complete the build. But shipping and restocking fees make it ridiculous to send the first one back, so if you’d like a smaller sibling to mine, let me know, we’ll talk shop.

To add a few details, you’d be getting this: , a lovely case with nice solid construction, near silent operation, great cable routing, plenty of room, and most importantly, doesn’t look like a reject from a B sci-fi alien spaceship.

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