Farewell, Farewell Tour

The first CD I bought (not the first music I bought, or the first CD I owned), back in the early 90s, was Banba by a group called Clannad. I’d heard some things about them, seen a recent VW ad featuring them, and it had this cool cover and a track from the recent Last of the Mohicans film.

For the next set of years I was busy with lots of school and not lots of money. And they went more or less on hiatus. So I didn’t get a chance to see them tour. 6 years ago one of the original band members passed on, and in general they’re a fading band, having started 50 years ago. I thought I’d never get the chance to see them.

So I was incredibly excited in 2019 when they announced a Farewell Tour. And I do believe this is a real farewell tour. Of course, we all know what happened in spring 2020, so the tour was delayed. And delayed again. And now I’m holding tickets for a show on October 3rd of this year.

Sadly, what survived COVID-19 seems to have been killed now for far more humdrum reasons. Today they announced that because of the increasing in overhead for touring (It’s the economy, stupid), they cannot deliver a live show to acceptable standards and are canceling the USA/Canada leg of their Farewell Tour in September and October.

Some things are apparently not meant to be.

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