225 miles and 8 hours later…..

I am pissed off. I’ve lost a complete day. I wasn’t able to get anything done today that I wanted to. And the worst part? It was family, so I didn’t really have any choice in the damn matter. Warning, this is going to be a long, angry rant, so I’ll post it in the continuation below so you don’t have to read it.

So I woke up today at 11. Yeah, later than usual, and later than I wanted to, but I stayed up till almost 3 in the morning, so I figured I should let myself get a full rest. Anyhow, after an hour of doing my normal morning activities and stuff, I got an IM from my mother saying that she had stayed at acupuncture too long, opting for a 1 1/2 hour treatment instead of the normal one hour treatment, and as a result, was not going to be able to get up to my aunt’s house. She was supposed to get a lift up there from my brother and then get a lift with my aunt up to see my grandmother. Instead, I was forced to drive west to auburn (way out of the way) to pick her up and then I had to drive her up to the hospital in NH. The deal was that I would drive her up there, drop her off (after a quick visit with my grandmother) and then go. She would get a ride back down with the aunt she was supposed to get a ride up with. The same aunt who had already left the hospital by the time we got there. So then I had to hang around, and as much as I love my grandmother and my family, I had intended to get stuff done today. Fuck that shit, throw it out the window. So first my mother was late, and I had to wait around in Auburn, delaying our departure to the hospital. Then we spent three hours sitting around the hospital. Then I had to drive my mother all the way south (and again quite a distance out of my way) to my aunt’s house before finally doubling back (for the third time this day) to my own apartment. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, and don’t excuse my language. I lost so much time simply because my mother spent an extra half hour getting stuck with needles. Were it anyone but family I would have told them to blow it out their ass, but no one but family would have had the cajones to ask me so unexpectedly, and then to expect it of me. Driving back after dropping my mom off I went *way* too fast, had the windows rolled down, and the CD was playing loud enough for everyone else to enjoy it too. It was the only way I could express my pent up rage and frustration. I should get a punching bag and put it in the basement.

My family does this to me all the time. They expect me to always be free for them. My parents want me to visit them at least once a month (nevermind that they never really visit me), and it’s pathetic. They treat me and my brother as their only social life. They need to get friends or something.

I obviously didn’t move far enough away. I’m going to England, who wants to join me?

Hey. Turns out you’re getting off pretty lightly. I didn’t spit as much venom and rage as I’m actually feeling. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a long walk now. Of course, I’ll probably feel even more frustrated afterwards, but at least it will help cool me off.

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