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So, I have a bunch of extra books, mostly paperback, but some hardbacks. I’ve been slowly replacing my books with hardbacks, as I come across them at various Library book sales. What does this mean? This means that you get to get books cheap! I have a list of surplus books (mostly complete) at <a href="">this address</a> so go take a peek and let me know if you are interested in something.

*UPDATE* The above link obviously no longer works. Contact me directly if you have questions.


Some of you may remember marvin. Some of you may already be back on marvin. Marvin is a mailing list. What’s it for? Well, it’s just a way to connect and coordinate people who know people. No, not in the gangster sense, in the social sense. In the past it has been used to organize movie trips, bowling runs, small scale parties, etc. The idea is that it will help make a quick and easy way to announce a social event. Who is it for? Well, more or less anyone. There’s no restriction on membership, and it is fully expected that there will be a cross-pollination of social circles. But hey, that’s kindof the idea, isn’t it? So here’s the easy link for subscribing to the list.


or send an e-mail to with the words ‘subscribe marvin’ in the body.


Happy New Year. I didn’t make any resolutions, because I don’t wait for a specific time or day of the year. If it comes up, I make the resolution. I either succeed or fail. But maybe it’s a good time to look at things I should succeed at. But why be boring and simply rattle off the usual ‘self-improvement’ self rant that only leads to depression at failures and wearied hoorays at the few successes. No, I think I’m going to make some choices on things that are purely for my own enjoyment, and then set out to achieve them. I figure that way I can not only accomplish goals, but I can also rebalance against all the stresses that occur in life anyhow. Why add to them? So without further ado, here is my list of things to do throughout the next year:
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