Nov 25 2002

225 miles and 8 hours later…..

I am pissed off. I’ve lost a complete day. I wasn’t able to get anything done today that I wanted to. And the worst part? It was family, so I didn’t really have any choice in the damn matter. Warning, this is going to be a long, angry rant, so I’ll post it in the continuation below so you don’t have to read it.
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Nov 24 2002

Where’s the party!

Sh…yeah…., Early music kicks ass! Ok, I know that sounds a little weird coming from anyone but me, but it’s coming from me, so nyah. Yeah, it rocks. I just back from a superdy-duperdy concert. No, it wasn’t perfect. If it was perfect it would be a recording. Still, everything went smoothly and no train wrecks occured. And it was fun. During the intermission a few of us decided though that we have at least as much fun not performing in a concert, but just hanging with each other making music.

Oh, the subject of this post? Well, as I was cleaning up after the concert and hanging around and driving home I had this sensation that I couldn’t identify until I really thought about it. Probably because it isn’t something I feel terribly often. I wanted (still want) a party. I want a russell or wellington style party. Greeting everybody, packing the bodies in, a bright kitchen full of people talking and a fridge full of drinks. A dining room with a table full of munchies and somebody pouring shots. Loud music pumping from a stereo somewhere, a movie or video games happening on a TV somewhere, none of the lights in the place at the same setting. It’s more than just hanging out with people enjoying being with friends. That’s easy to do, I’m talking about a party!.

Too damn bad it’s a quiet sunday in New England.

Nov 22 2002

Time to keep moving.

Well, it’s time for me to pick up my broken bits, toss them in the bin, and move on. Time to get some more stuff up on this page! Yeehar.

What’s going on right now in my life? Well, the good news is that my grandmother is out of the Cardiac Care Unit, and is in the regular hospital ward now. That’s a good thing ™. I’m going up later today to see her.

I had a good dress rehearsal this morning, and I’m looking forward to the concert tomorrow. All of you in the area should go. It starts at 8.

I went to a comedy show last night. It was funny, and fun. But I left last night feeling extremely lonely for some reason. I just wanted to be able to reach out and curl up with someone. It’s something I feel more often than I admit.

So on the whole, life is good, I just gotta keep moving.

Nov 18 2002


Folks, allow me to strongly advocate frequent backups and denounce the careless use of the command line. After reviving much of my website, and having saved almost all of the content as it was in an SQL database, I accidentally and carelessly tossed that database aside. This *after* iI had made two posts detailing my computer difficulties and the continuously busy (although often by choice) nature of my life. Well, too bad. They exist only in my head now.

I’m going to go cry now.